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Express Email Marketing 

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Need a cost-effective way to market your business? We've got one word: Email.

Connect with all of your customers in just a few clicks!

Gain new customers and keep current ones coming back with beautiful, full-color emails – no knowledge of HTML required! Built-in safeguards ensure your emails are legal and above-board all the way.

Email marketing is one of the cheapest and most effective forms of promotion available today.

In just a matter of minutes, you can distribute an offer or notice to hundreds or even thousands of customers or subscribers. There are no printing costs involved with this kind of direct marketing, no postage, and little lag time between when you send it and when it's received. Thanks to source codes, email responses are supremely easy to track.

Marketers cherish direct email marketing for other reasons as well. Periodic emails serve to keep your company top-of-mind among website visitors, increasing the chance that they'll think of you the next time they need what you sell or provide. Embedding links in your emails boosts traffic to your website – still the holy grail of online advertising.

Little wonder that companies cut TV and radio advertising during the economic downturn of the last decade, but continued to fund email marketing and social media. It just works.

Express Email Marketing is among the most cost-effective email marketing software available. Express Email Marketing's sign- up magnet complies with federal anti-SPAM laws, requiring recipients to agree to receive email from you not just once, but twice before being added to your list. This 'double opt-in' feature protects you from ever being labeled a spammer, ensuring your list includes ONLY those people who truly want to hear from you.

All Plans Include:

-150 quick start email designs
-Huge 1,500+ image library
-Automatic photo resizing
-Ability to create both HTML & text emails
-Now-or-later scheduling
-Sign-up form for your home page
-Easy list import
-Bounce & unsubscribe handling
-Detailed reports
-Survey builder
-List Manager

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